Dustless Sanding & Refinishing

We provide conventional/non-dustless (new construction only), and 2 levels of DUSTLESS sanding, staining, & refinishing services for commercial & residential hardwood flooring, as well as stair treads & banisters and posts on new/unfinished applications.

  • State of the art “In-Home” Dustless equipment w/hepa filters 
  • Ideal for homes with vaulted/cathedral ceilings as well as “textured walls”
  • Thorough masking with plastic; encapsulating kitchen cabinets, etc
  • Extensive vacuuming for final clean-up
  • Minimal to no clean-up by customer after job completion
  • BHI to dispose of dust & debris bags
  • Option to add additional service: Company that specializes in post-construction cleaning to perform thorough cleaning of your home (additional cost)
  • Dustless re-coating for occasional maintenance
    Polyurethane Maintenance Guide


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