Polyurethane Maintenance Guide

Our goal at BHI is to help educate our customers in the proper maintenance of their flooring along with creating a life-long relationship to ensure that your floors will continue to look as good as the day they were installed or restored & refinished.

New Finishes

All of the polyurethanes we use take 6-10 days minimum to fully cure. During this time, your finish is still “breathing.”  Therefore, you will need to wait up to 2 weeks before you place any throw or area rugs.  Furniture, as long as it is picked-up and placed (not dragged), may be replaced as soon as the floor is dry enough to walk on.  Be sure to apply felt to the legs of every single piece of furniture that will be in contact with the flooring surface to help prevent scratching.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintenance of your polyurethane-coated hardwood flooring should include regular dust mopping & damp mopping only; do not wet mop.  We suggest using only steam mops, or damp mopping using distilled white vinegar, or glass cleaners heavily diluted with water to clean your flooring.

If your floors have been cleaned with any type of cleaner that leaves a residue behind, a new coat will not adhere properly and this process may not be an option without also contracting for BHI to clean & prep, if at all.  Preventative maintenance is imperative to ensure that your flooring lasts the life of the house it is in or even longer; each subsequent sanding/refinishing of your hardwood flooring takes life away from the floor boards.


BHI also offers an additional cleaning/prep service to ensure proper adhesion of a new coat if necessary. Periodic screening and re-coating of your flooring will help to prevent the need for future sanding and/or complete refinishing of your flooring. This process removes most surface scratching, adds a new coat(s) of polyurethane, which then renews the life, the finished appearance, and durability of your hardwood flooring.

Re-coating is also much more cost effective and less invasive than the full re-finishing process.  In most cases, you would only lose access to the area being worked on for a maximum of 24 hours. Everyone’s flooring application and traffic is different.  Therefore, most high-trafficked areas will need attention every 5-10 years on average. Lesser trafficked areas, such as bedrooms, may never need re-coating as long as they are properly maintained and cared for.

It is important to keep sand and dirt off your floors, and to watch the sheen in high-traffic areas; the finish will develop wear in these areas over time. The goal is to re-coat before you’ve worn through the polyurethane so that the surface of the wood is never exposed. Please feel free to call BHI at any time for a representative to come out and inspect your flooring in order to make a recommendation, or if you have any other questions or concerns. 

TyKote® Dustfree Refinishing System

Basic® Coatings TyKote® Dustfree Refinishing System has reinvented the wood floor refinishing process. This innovative system makes it easier to give your customers beautiful floors in less time and with no dust or mess.  The fast and easy-to-use 3-step process means wood floors can be back in business the next day.

  • Easy, proven 3-step process
  • Less prep and clean up
  • Fast! Recoat tonight, back in business tomorrow
  • Eliminates the dust, noise, and mess of traditional methods
  • Works with site-finished and most prefinished wood floors